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Shaker - An Old School RPG by Brenda Brathwaite and Tom Hall!

Hey everyone, we know its been a bit quiet in Banter 2.0 town of late but we definitely thought this worth sharing with you. Video game and RPG veterans Brenda Braithwaite (Wizardry and D&D) and Tom Hall (Doom and Anachronox) have teamed up to develop an old school style RPG on a completely new engine. If you're a fan of role playing games, check out this project download PPSSPP game android and Mod APK Full! There are all sorts of perks involved and you know you will have supported the genre of gaming that you love. If the project doesn't meet its goal in the time allotted, it will never see the light of day and that would truly be a shame! Here is the link and we hope you are as pumped about the concept as we are: Shaker: Old School RPG.

Shaker - An Old School RPG by Brenda Brathwaite and Tom Hall!

Shaker: An Old School RPG is a first-person perspective, fantasy/sci-fi game set in a Bridge world between the future and the very distant medieval past. Taking the role of operative James Connelly (you may also customize your lead character), an employee of Shaker Corporation, you are called upon to set right a deadly chain of events that began millennia ago. You and your crew of 3 operatives will be deployed to Antera, a medieval, fantasy world in the distant past. There, under a feudal guise, you must unearth the very beginning of a horrible chain of events and avert it, or the universe we know today will cease to exist in a mere 100 years. God of war ghost of sparta cso

Your work is well underway when Shaker - which had promised regular contact - inexplicably goes silent on July 24, 2526, stranding you for good. For the full story, see Update #3.

Shaker's core technology is a device that allows it to see 100 years into the future and as far back as all past human memory allows. A team of analysts goes over the data, and Shakers are deployed into the future or past to straighten out potential disturbances. In its history, Shaker had already averted wars, plagues and countless regional skirmishes. For a detailed Shaker breakdown, see Update #4.

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